Activity Kit


This postcard activity kit features a selection of artworks from the exhibition Perceptions 2016: The Art Of Citizenship.

It was designed and developed as part of the Expanding Realities Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership to accompany the Perceptions 2016 Exhibition

It was available to use for the duration of Perceptions 2016: The art of Citizenship at CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery, Cork City Hall Atrium and the Crawford Art Gallery.

It can be downloaded here for use at home or in community and education settings.

It also available to purchase at the Crawford Art Gallery.

It is imagined and created for use by individuals, families and groups in community or education settings. We hope that everyone can find inspiration regardless of age or ability or experience with art. There are lots of suggestions for activities and these are intended as a springboard for you to develop further or adapt to your own interests (or to the interests and level of your group).These activities are not designed with the intention of getting tasks ‘correct’ but rather to encourage creativity, engagement and enjoyment. Some of the activities are an invitation to respond to individual pieces of art, other activities involve browsing and playing with the full postcard set.

Some activities can be carried out individually and others in pairs or groups.
Most of the activities can be carried out with just a pen or pencil and paper with the possibility of using additional materials.

We hope you enjoy using and sharing this kit.