Welcome to Perceptions 2016

When we create spaces and opportunities to listen to a broad range of diverse intelligences, perspectives and voices, our knowledge, experience and understanding of the world is enriched.

The 1916 Proclamation declared its resolve to cherish  “all of the children of the nation equally and oblivious of the differences … which have divided a minority from the majority in the past”

In September 2016, as we commemorate the centenary, an exciting variety of exhibitions and events will challenge this resolve bringing colour, energy, imagination and discussion to Cork City. While 2016 is a time to remember the past, it is also an opportunity to re-imagine the future and to expand our perceptions of future possibilities for a brighter more equal society.

Cork City Council Arts office, Crawford Art Gallery and CIT Crawford College of Art and Design are building on the success of their 2013 Art of Inclusion exhibition. The artwork in Perceptions 2016: The Art of Citizenship has been selected from worldwide submissions from artists working in supported studios – spaces offering opportunities to artists who may previously have been unable to develop their arts practice whether from a physical lack of access to materials, lack of opportunity or because of limited expectations of them.

This exhibition will also showcase outcomes of the Expanding Realities project, a European Erasmus + funded partnership. Over the past 2 years, three supported studio groups – GASP Cork, Art in Motion (AIM) Bristol and Debajo del Sombrero Madrid – have developed and exchanged approaches to engaging the creativity, and supporting the professional development of artists who have much to contribute, but face barriers in society and in the world of art.


Perceptions 2016: The Art of Citizenship

aims to broaden the range of voices, visions, perceptions and approaches to creativity that the public engages with in cultural venues. It aims to engage the public with valuable knowledge and perspectives that are frequently absent from the world of art.


Perceptions 2016: Installation view, Crawford Art Gallery, Art of Inclusion Exhibition, 2013.

Art of Inclusion Exhibition, 2013. Installation view, Crawford Art Gallery.

What people said about Outside In: The Art of Inclusion

What a brilliant show – best in years!

Astonishing. Moving. Beautiful.

Breathtaking, challenging & humourous

Totally inspiring

I have a smile on my face and a tear in my eye

One of the most thought provoking and interesting exhibitions I have seen in a long time
…I had to come back for a second look

Stunning I am blown away
Visitor’s comments, Outside In: the Art of Inclusion 2013